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  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Digital Marketing
  • Location: Broomfield, CO, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before purchasing the program, Anthony was living in his wife's basement as a former member in the military. The program helped him improve his sales. He found the affirmations extremely helpful and has been able to start landing new clients. After the program, he now has his own place and a studio to perform business.


How's it going? My name is I am from Denver, Colorado and I'm an ex army ranger. So my life before I purchased Sam Ovens Consulting program I had actually gotten out of the army and my wife and I were actually living in her parents basement at the time and this is when I purchased the program because my wife and I started a marketing agency and it really helped me convert my onboarding customers into paying customers. Started helping me with my sales because of the way that Sam's sales script is formulated and I also actually started using the affirmations quite a bit. Like he says he recommends you do it and he says it's super powerful and I mean, you see any successful entrepreneur and they're doing the same stuff. You know, Bob Proctor, Tai Lopez all these people they're talking about affirmations and if you're not doing them like Sam says you're just not going to have as much power behind it. So during the program like I said it was helping me a lot with actually creating my first clients and really honing my skills as a salesperson and helping me generate more clients. So life afterwards it's been about a year now and I've got my own place, I've got my own studio because we have expanded and we got a vocal booth here. We've expanded to creating branding videos for businesses 'cause that's really what they're missing with their social media but without Sam's program I probably wouldn't have done it this quickly especially because it would have taken me much longer to get those sales honed and really learning on my own would have been really tough. But I would definitely recommend his program to anybody. Not just in consulting but in business in general and anybody who wants to be an entrepreneur because this stuff is gold. It really is and the way that he formulates his scripts is incredible and it'll work magic for you and your business. It helped me grow my business so I know for a fact that it works and it can grow yours too. So thank you for your time. Again, my name's Anthony Baratch.