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  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Advertising
  • Location: Austin, TX, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Tarzan got $36,000 on his very first customer with the help of the Consulting Accelerator program. Tarzan is extremely happy with his results and he highly recommends this to anybody who's interested in improving their life and business.


Hi, this is Tarzan , from Austin, Texas. I am excited about this opportunity to tell Sam and the rest of his staff over at on an amazing job you guys are all doing to help folks like me get back on our paths again to make the world better. I'm one of those guys that gets up every day figuring out ways to improve the world with startup teams. From the time that I've taken the program, to the time that I am here today, I've had nothing but good positive experiences, even from the support. You guys have great support. Where to get started? Before the program, I didn't think that it was for real but I gave it a shot because I was eating and thought to learn something new, so I enrolled and found out that Sam's a really great guy, very genuine. The leader is check, right? Even more importantly, the substance of the program is two checks, two thumbs up, and so I bought into it because it made a lot of sense. For me personally, I've been in Austin sort of jumping from one company to the other on a founder level, helping founders get their companies of their ground, get investment and all the things you can think about when you're being too general. Sam hit a good point, you need to specialize. You got to specialize in a specific thing and be the best at it, be the best in the world at it. I needed that because I'm a creative person and so I like to learn a lot about everything, and that really did bite me in the ass a lot. During the program I learned a lot of stuff, a lot of good things I didn't know which is great because you can't say you know everything. You need to grow and to grow you need to learn. You need to read and you need to do these things that are available out of the program. I had a great experience overall with the version one. I'm looking forward to version two and I'm going to take the course over again. Why not? It's a great program to begin with. After the program, the version one program, I got a customer. I hadn't reported it yet to the community. It's kind of on this ... I'm waiting to talk about it. Yeah, I got a customer and it's basically what I'm doing is I'm helping a company reposition itself and get more clients through digital sales, marketing, and advertising. Creating a new brand, putting the brand in the right position of the market, really going through the process of defining the advertising and the strategies behind the sales, and marketing, and advertising. The things that Sam's taught was my edge which is one, the philosophy sort of mindset, mental model of how to get the customer to really use what we had to offer as the top of mind solution for their problem. I really think that that's what Sam's made and that's what you've made, Sam, with your program is you've made a mental health system. You've made a model that I've always been wanting to make personally. I have this vision of making 365 millionaires. It's just my personal goal is to help figure out the Henry Ford model of just standardizing how do you make people just transcend economics. Working on that with startup entrepreneurs, my goal has always been let's just make one successful company after the next. In that I failed because it was too general, but now I'm more specific and I'm really, really drilling deeper into the business strategy that the sales marketing advertising that you've taught in your program to really create success. Now, I have about 20 different folks that I'm talking to about turning on what I'm doing with this one company I'm working with as a partner, so owning a piece of a company and then working out exactly how the company needs to be ran from a sales, marketing, and advertising standpoint. That's been my experience. Before I didn't think it was real, then found out that Sam was an awesome guy. Took the program though Financing which I think everyone needs to use, and you know, through PayPal Credit, and then through the program found amazing knowledge, and really great mental health I guess you could say, perception changing work that I too try to impart on the people that I work with. As above so below. For me, after the program I definitely ... I have referred it to a bunch of people and they're like me, they want to make the world better. They want to improve the world. I've given them the seed so they have to go and take it for themselves. What I'm really focused on is building my success and then taking them with me. I'm really proud of what Sam's done. I'm really proud of the people that have built their success thus far and I just ... I think there's more good things to come. I got 20 plus people, different companies, 20 plus companies to help with their digital marketing sales and advertising strategies. First things first, I'm working on one right now to then standardize across the other 20 but I'm really proud. I'm really proud of the success that I'm going to be able to create for myself personally and for my family. Thanks to Sam for giving me a swift kick in the rear to ... I mean, honestly, I was going to move. The real backstory too is around the time that I found Sam's program, I was going to move away from Austin. I was going to go to the army or military program because I was giving up. I honestly was at a place where I was going through the hiring process at Uber, getting opportunities to work at other tech firms as an employee, but my identity as an individual in society said I got to improve it. I can't just stick in some little silo and toil away all day and that be my life. That's not me. I was thinking, you know, let's just give up, throw the towel in and come back later when you're in a better mood, but that's kind of like a mental recession. When you're in a mental recession, that's when you have the most opportunity to grow. I've been growing in the last couple of months, since October anyways, that I think is transformational. I cannot contribute that all to Sam. I contribute that to the program and to Sam's overall experience but I can say it was an ingredient to the recipe. With that being said, I have to go finish the upgrade process, and I look forward and reporting some success very soon in the community. With that being said, Sam, you're a true friend and a leader. We haven't met yet but we will. I look forward to coming to meet with you and talk about how to help other people in the community be as successful as myself, and others that have seen results and are able to talk about those results, and show those results. Anyway, take care. Thank you so much. Good bye.