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5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Corporate Communicatons
  • Location: Griffith, IN, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Marcus was feeling a lot of anxiety before joining. After going through the program, he has been able to find his greater purpose and has been able to quit his job having the confidence to pursue his own aspirations.


Hey, guys. Marcus Patrick here from Chicago, Illinois. Before joining Sam's program, I was filled with a lot of stress, a lot of anxiety, whether or not I would ever be able to leave the corporate 9-5 jungle, making someone else rich and never reaching my own financial goals. Since his program, since enrolling, the fog has lifted, and I have much greater clarity in what I can offer. I've never done consultancy before, and I was really worried about whether people would sit down and listen to what I had to say. During his program, it also put me in touch with my greater purpose and how I can have a positive impact in society instead of just being another person that takes up space. I have given my notice. Today is Monday. Friday is my last day. I would not have done that if not for Sam's program. It gave me the confidence to pursue my own financial and entrepreneurial dreams and aspirations. I highly recommend his course. He deals with a number of things, including how to overcome fear and limiting mindsets so that you can achieve everything that you truly want to achieve. Hopefully, the next time you'll see me is in an interview with Sam on his private jet or something like that. Keep on grinding, everybody. You'll get there. Thanks.