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  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Operational Intelligence
  • Location: Farmington, NM, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before the course the member worked in oil and gas industry and soon after joining the member was fired.??He picked a niche gained some experience and then got back into his original industry. He was able to start his business and has gained a clients and is now focused on trying to scale his business.


Hey Sam. This is Ben McNeil in Farmington, New Mexico. I just wanted to email you guys this video regarding my experience with the Sam Ovens training program. Before I got into the program I was actually working for someone else. I work in ... Or I did work in oil and gas at the time. Shortly after I entered the program I ended up getting laid off, there was a big downturn in the oil and gas. But I had this material to work on and I decided to help chimney sweepers market themselves. Where I live up here in the four corners there's like high demand for getting your chimneys cleaned so anyway that was my ... Your story was the plumbers and my experience was helping the chimney sweepers. Anyway I did that for a little while. I ended up picking up my clients back in oil and gas and I still have those ones today. But I used the materials of course to help profile the type of client that I was looking for and kind of helped me define my niche. I think that's what the training program helped me kind of gain clarity on was that aspect of business. I ended up ... I think I worked through the first week basically before I really got to apply the material and got my clients. It's no excuse but I haven't actually gone through the rest of the material and focused on building my business but I'm trying to figure out how to scale it now to more than just a couple of clients. Hoping that's what maybe I missed in the training. That just gives you a little bit of information about me. Thanks.