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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Management Consulting
  • Location: Deerfield Beach, SP, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Mario was looking to run his own business and needed to solve the challenge of scaling his business. He is brand new and has found everything very well structured and practical so far. He is looking forward to working through the program and highly recommends other consultants looking or an edge to join.


Hi guys, this is Miro speaking from Latin America. After 8 years working for Big 4 consulting firms, I realized if I opened my own shop I would make 4 times as much. After 6 years running my project management consulting firm, I realized that the challenges are how to deal with down markets and how to scale globally. That's how I found Sam Ovens' consulting accelerator program online. After one week attending it, it's been very insightful, very well structured, and very practical, where I'm applying some of the work already on my company. I've been already invited for the upgrade of consulting accelerator 2.0, so I'm looking forward to continuing the program in this new version, which I must say looks very good. I highly recommend for those consultants that are looking to have an edge to learn from Sam because the internet was not as big and as important as it is 5 years ago and this is what Sam Ovens' course are giving you the edge on how to live on the internet in your consulting firm and not only strive, but thrive on this online marketplace. Thanks Sam for this help and I'm looking forward to concluding the course in the 2.0 version of the consulting accelerator. Thanks.