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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Business Planning
  • Location: Christchurch, New Zealand, New Zealand
  • Consulting Accelerator

A couple of weeks since starting the Consulting Accelerator, Craig has landed his first high-value client and successfully started his own Consulting business. He cannot speak highly enough about the Consulting Accelerator.


Hi there to you all my name is Craig and I'm videoing from Christ Church, New Zealand. Sam Adams' good old home country. Hi there Sam. As the famous ad from Christ Church is "Simple is good," said tin man. Sam's system is simple. Got stuck into it just a couple of weeks ago. Started on the first phase. Used the learnings to find the niche ... to pitch to a company and I got my very first sale as a new consultant. I'm very pleased with the information. I haven't completed the video yet but it's certainly changed my thoughts on consulting and my wife and I have just started our business. Spent last year traveling the world, wandering the we did it and on my way back thinking about what I should do for the next few years of my life. Consultancy was something I've always wanted to do. Locked on to Sam's training. I paid the money, got stuck in and it's certainly changed everything that I'm thinking of now. I'm very confidently able to take a consulting business in my hometown to new heights, used it for some Craigreat income in the future. I've also looked at a small commission based scheme as well which would do well for the next few years and certainly everything that I've learned and everything that I've seen and also being part of the community that you get with the training has been well worth it. I can't speak highly enough of what Sam's offering and looking forward to completing it all and really getting stuck in and taking my new business to greater heights. So I guess that's the best of me, just look to the background of where I'm sitting in my daughter's house. Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game. So strike out, get stuck in, pay the money, get the training, you won't be disappointed and it will change your life. It's certainly going to change mine and that's all for me.