5 Rating:
  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Cross-Cultural Communications
  • Location: Pirámides, Madrid, Spain
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before the program, Clare was on a leave from work. After getting started, she was able to create a really fantastic niche for herself and really loves what she does with her clients.


My name's Claire . I'm Australian, but I'm currently living in Spain. I'm an idealist. I have a Master's Degree, and I love taking on new projects, but sometimes I have a hard time actually making them work. About six month ago, I was in bed for a few weeks with a back injury, and I was browsing Facebook one day, feeling sorry for myself, and I came across Sam's program, and it was one of the best things that happened. The program really appealed to me because it teaches you how to help people by doing what you love, and I think that that's a really great premise. So it shows you actually then how to turn it into a reality. Firstly, to choose to really identify what it is that you really like doing. I'm a communications graduate, and I love helping people to communicate. Living in Spain, at the moment they're going through a huge internationalization drive, so I've developed a really interesting niche, teaching people cross cultural communications, and helping them to do international business. Then second, the program teaches you to really try to do it well, so to do it the best you possibly can, but without being paralyzed by perfectionism. You're actually learning, but as you go, so you try it and you make mistakes, and then you begin again, and then you improve it as you go, and I think just the success that you get along the way really motivates you to keep going. Then it also teaches you to really believe in yourself, and to go further than you ever could have imagined. I think Sam is great at passing on this contagious enthusiasm, and now I'm able to pass it on to my clients as well. So I really love my work. I have so far nine top-level clients from very big Spanish companies, and they're just really interesting people to work with, and I'm really grateful for the program, I'm very excited about the possibilities, where it could take me, and I highly recommend it to everyone. So thanks a lot, Sam.