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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Human Resources
  • Location: Singapore, Singapore
  • Consulting Accelerator

Meet Gurunath from Singapore. As a Human Resources (HR) consultant, he was looking for a resource to help him acquire clients and grow his business. Watch him explain how he's liking the consulting accelerator course so far...


Hey guys, this is Grudat Hari from Singapore. How are you guys doing? I just thought I'd swing by and share a few thoughts about the program that I'm attending with Sam Ovens, it's called Consulting Accelerator. Before I joined Sam's program, I was struggling with figuring out what do I need to do with my niche. I am a HR person and I have some amazing tools and methodologies that can help companies expand its performance of its employees and employee excellence. It's not an easy sell, it's a large, long-cycle sell, so I was kind of scratching my head on you know, "How do I scale this up?" I'm early on the program, I must tell you that beforehand, but what I found is while I was one day just browsing Facebook, I came across this portion by Sam Ovens and it intrigued me. It talked about consulting. When I read it, the choice of words and the meaning behind it was so sincere, and it's so stated the problem of consulting that I didn't have any hesitation to sign up. What I found after signing up is that there was a nice orientation program and Sam was live, it was very heart to heart, very sincere. You know I have a fondness for people from New Zealand anyway because I used to visit the place quite often in my career, and Sam is an amazing guy. Then I found that the process of enrolling and the cost itself is very affordable. The quality of the virtual class that we go through is outstanding, the worksheets that we have to complete is exactly what I would do if I was running a class, which I have in my career, it's learning. One on one, fantastic stuff, and by the time you do all these worksheets, you can really get a lot of clarity on where you want to go. I'm delighted. I would not hesitate any minute at recommending this as one stepping stone to achieving your dreams. Okay, so with that, this is Grudat Hari, signing off. Take care, all the best.