5 Rating:
  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Strategic Planning
  • Location: Coogee, NSW, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before the course the member wasn't good at getting clients, or closing deals.??During the program the member was able to identify the issue and has already started to change. She believes she made a 180. She loves how engaged everyone is especially Sam engaging everyone. She hasn't completed the course because she is busier than anticipated due to her change.


Hi, I'm Marie from Sydney. Before joining Sam's Consulting Accelerator Program, I was quite embarrassed when I'd see clients, that's a good way to describe it. I almost felt sorry for going and trying to make a sale in consulting and obviously that energy would come across. I wasn't very good at closing sales and getting new clients, and obviously that became self-fulfilling because if you're trying to get clients and you don't get clients, it does hold you back because you start to believe that you're not worth securing the business. Then during the program I think what was amazing is not only Sam's very practical advice that worked very quickly, but also the group and Sam's engagement in the group. I've done some courses before in these Facebook groups and the person who may have been the speaker or the course provider might set the group up and you will rarely see them engage with the group. The group is a very active group and I think part of that is because Sam actually cares and stays involved and helps celebrate successes, and puts great tips out there. I think that level of engagement, to achieve that among the group is great and there's so much information shared across individuals that just keeps continuing. I'm happy to say that due to some of Sam's amazing advice, I'm still going through the program, and I'm going slower than I expected because I'm busier than expected. I'm actually securing contracts with clients and now I'm currently advising on a couple of multimillion dollar projects. It's been a vast turnaround I'd say, a complete 180 degrees. I just could not recommend Sam's program highly enough. I think if anybody wants to make it in consulting, whatever the area, then I think Sam's Consulting Accelerator Program is definitely the best thing that I've come across in my two years of trying to find some gold. Thank you Sam. Much appreciated and just looking forward to continuing to learn from you and engage with the group. Thank you.