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  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Project Management
  • Location: St Albans, United Kingdom
  • Consulting Accelerator

Larry implemented the action steps inside Consulting Accelerator and has made £80,000 so far.


Hi, my name's Larry Brotherson, and I run a project management consultancy and training business here in the UK. I'm recording this video to give a shout out to Sam Ovens and the team, and Sam's excellent Consulting Accelerator program. Shortly after joining the program I implemented the initial advice that Sam provided, and during that period we quickly gained the 25% in growth of revenues, and an even larger consequential level of profitability, all of which was achieved within a very short period of time. Since then, we've continued to grow our income, by using the program we've improved our skills and our focus, and are currently concentrating on growing our business through the addition of new products and starting our new joint venture for training. Maybe it's because I work in project management, but one of the things that I really appreciate about the program is the systematic approach it takes. It allows me to develop at my own speed, I can replay sections of the training, but there's also a benchmark for the rate of progress that Sam expects you to make, which helps measure your commitment to the plan and look at how you spend your time in order to try and get better results. Having access to webinars and the wealth of online material in the e-learning platform is a huge benefit, and the sheer quality of all of the training definitely justifies Sam's claim that this program represents a proper revolution for establishing and then supporting a modern consulting business. On a personal note, Sam's knowledge, his amazing energy and genuine commitment to helping so many of us with our businesses is really impressive, so I'd just like to say, thank you Sam, and now I'm really looking forward to using the new 2.0 program.