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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Recruiting
  • Location: Edmonton, AB, Canada
  • Consulting Accelerator

When her husband was having a sales slump at his company...Daira wanted to step up and help. Watch her explain how Consulting Accelerator has helped her do that.


Hi my name is from Edmonton, and I got on board with Sam's course in order to help my husband because he started a business and the sales were not going so well. Basically what happened was that at first Sam directed to find your niche and to really pinpoint what product and what you're doing, what actually are you consulting on. We figured out that because there was a recession in the area where we were leaving, we were on the wrong product or in the wrong area, and the nice thing that we figured out was that we were on the wrong skill set as well. The business that he tried to start it didn't go through with it, but it has the sales training as well and the sales training was pretty awesome. What happened, during the program we were ... brains were clicking of what are we going to deliver, how are we going to do it. Finally, he decided just to go where the market was and what his skill set was and now he started in a different company and he's selling with now a partner and he's selling so much product that the partner cannot even ... There's not enough time to deliver that product. It worked out actually very, very awesome.