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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Marketing/Operations
  • Location: Green Mountain Falls, CO, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before the member started the course he was working 75 hours a week for a company. ??He found Sams program in order to put his 75 years of skills into practice on his own. The member is finishing a new VSL video and he urges everyone to take it seriously because the course is life changing.


Hi. This is Bill Lutsch. I'm in Green Mountain Falls, Colorado. Before I got involved with accelerated consulting, I was working about 75 hours a week for a company that decided that they were going to reorganize. I spent the next eight months applying to companies and looking for where I needed to be in the next stage of my life. It took me eight months to realize that I needed to start using my 35 years of marketing experience for me. I started my own company. Then I found Sam and accelerated consulting and decided that this is what I really needed to do. Yes, it's an investment. Yes, you've got skin in the game, but boy, with Sam, he guides you all the way. During the entire process, it's been an eye opener and gave my company, which is Manitou Cloud Consulting, a new breath of fresh air. I'll tell you what. The sky's the limit. I'm finishing up a new version of my VSL, my video sales presentation, and look forward to working with Sam in the future and anybody else who needs any help. You hope you have a good day. Make sure that you take this seriously because this course is life changing.