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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Business Design
  • Location: Normal, IL, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Sam always had dreamed of building a business from scratch. He dove into Consulting Accelerator and has transitioned his business structure to help support other businesses. He recommends that anybody with a cell-phone, laptop and thinking skills should join the program and start landing $2,000 clients.


Hey, I'm Sam from Normal, Illinois. I'm a retired Air Force and Air National Guard Veteran. Several years ago, I was laid off from a 17 year corporate career job, where it was a challenge to reenter a crowded job market. I aspired for many years during a corporate career to build a design company from scratch, but had seen slow business success. I started seeing consulting ads on Facebook from some of the best marketers, including Sam Ovens. After hearing Sam Ovens' version, I got the idea to adjust my business strategy from merely design to business design consulting. Since joining Sam Ovens' program, I have been transitioning from a design only company to a done-for-you consulting service, with a local roofing company and other businesses. I have moved one of my clients into a totally branded and designed cloud-based system, and they are thrilled with the progress. I'm about halfway through Sam Ovens' training, and enjoying it tremendously. So far I've noticed Sam Ovens' consulting program is no-nonsense, to the point training that is strict enough to help you stay on task. Sam really does help you. This course is very powerful. He will inspire you to do the work. Guys, there are a countless number of businesses who are ready to hire us to help them enhance company success. If you are a person who has some business knowledge, basic phone, computer, and thinking skills, there is no reason you can't start executing your ideas using Sam's methods, to pick up several $2,000 clients per month. If you are ready to get started, I hope to see you in our private Facebook community soon.