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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Recruiting
  • Location: Nanaimo, BC, Canada
  • Consulting Accelerator

Carol was looking for another source of income. She joined Consulting Accelerator and has been able to quickly grow her business landing a handful of clients. She recommends others take the program, put in the work, follow through and find great success!


Hi. My name's Carol Crandal and I'm from British Columbia, Canada. Due to unforeseen circumstances in my life, I no longer had a job and was looking for another source of income. When I happened to see Sam's ad on Facebook, I ordered the program and had access to it within a few minutes. I got started right away. The training is excellent but it has taken a little longer to get up and running because it was a huge learning curve for me with all the online stuff. But, Sam gave me all the information to get the stuff done even though it was new to me. Now, I have my business up and running and I already have my first five clients with great expectations for the future. I recommend that you invest in yourself and take this program, follow though and you will have success.