4 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Leadership Coaching
  • Location: Lindfield, NSW, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Mark started Consulting Accelerator after he had started his own consulting business. He highly recommends the program and enjoyed the layout of the course.


Hi, guys. This is Mark here from Sydney in Australia. I'm just saying, "Hi," and talking a little bit today about Sam Ovens' training program. I started consulting two years ago after leaving my corporate job of more than 15 years. I began a new life looking for opportunities to consult into the corporate world and do executive coaching. What I found in the last few months since I've undertaken the training program from Sam Ovens is that the focus provided through a system to support you a far better approach than randomly trying to succeed in business. It's just overwhelming in a lot of ways for many to see the opportunities out there. It's quite often very hard to get success without a lot of trial and error. For me, the experience was leaving my corporate job and consulting and joining a group of like-minded people with a training program that's very well structured to give some focus and support and also to create the right mindset to succeed. I'm on my early days yet, so I've just finished the program, but the new approach to my consultancy business has been very, very promising so far. I'd like to thank Sam and say, "Hi," to everyone out there. Good luck, and I highly recommend Sam Ovens training program for your business.