5 Rating:
  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Recruiting
  • Location: Berlin, Berlin, Germany
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before joining the program Mark found himself struggling with sales and leads with no systemized process in place. During the accelerator Mark was highly motivated to implement with speed and has now doubled his revenue since joining. Mark is now in the position to leverage himself and has grown his company from 1-5 employees during his time in the program.


Hey guys. My name is Mark from Berlin. Before joining the Consulting Accelerator we had very, very big problems with our sales or lead generation. We had no systematically process which generates or has generates automatically our leads. Before joining the Consulting Accelerator life was very hard for us. The results or revenues were growing very low. During joining the Consulting Accelerator we see a lot of motivation. Sam makes very great videos to motivate us to implement the process. He has described very, very good for us so we could implement very, very fast. After two weeks we saw first results. Our revenues doubled since joining the Consulting Accelerator. Today we generate every day five new leads. Before joining, we only had one. It makes a lot of big process for us which makes this program very, very perfect. After joining the Consulting Accelerator we can say for us, or for me, it was a very, very good decision to buy this program because it helps us not only to leverage our revenues. We could also grow our company. Before joining we only had one employee. That was me. Now we have five employees. We are growing much more than I ever thought. Very, very thank you Sam. I'm very glad that I joined your program and I can recommend it to everybody who wants to grow his company and also want to be a better life because it makes me happy everyday that we joined it and we can grow and all in all have more money. Thanks.