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5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Pricing
  • Location: Clark, New Jersey, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Lance was wondering how to get his offer in front of a new market. He has been taking action and bringing offers to his niche. He recommends the program to others and is confident in his and others success moving forward.


Hello, my name is Lance Thomas and I'm from Cheltenham in the United Kingdom. When I first started doing Sam's Consulting Accelerator course I ran my own accounting practice. It was a reasonably successful practice but not one that was taking me to the next level and certainly not realizing the earning potential that I wanted to get. So I needed to learn how to focus on my niche product within that practice and then be able to get that to a very specific set of customers in the field I was looking to pursue. So I was wondering how to do that. Sam's course clearly gave me that desire, the niche, the vision, the learning, practicing and indeed the resource to be able to get it to that new market. And since completing the course I have done that. I have got it out there, my niche is now serving well in terms of the market I was aiming for, and it again producing some fine financial results. So would I recommend Sam's course going forward to anybody? Of course I would. What it enabled me to do was focus, enable you to focus specifically on your niche and then learn how to get that niche out there to your future potential customers, through whatever marketing way you need and perhaps helping you to find the answer to avoiding the issue of customers saying no all the time, because once you've got through that barrier once, there's really no end to the success you can achieve.