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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Diversity & Inclusion
  • Location: Fort Worth, TX, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Dane has intentions to increase his impact in Community Organization fighting against institutionalised racism. He has learnt how to value his services and present his offerings to potential clients. Dane has now undergone a positive shift in his mindset and recommends the program.


Hello my name is Dane Verret. I'm from New Orleans, Louisiana and this is my consultant accelerator testimonial. So I joined the consultant accelerator not to become a better consultant, but to become a better community organizer. I've been an organizer for about eight years now and I wanted to increase and deepen my impact in helping organizations to fight institutionalized racism. And I also knew that I needed to get paid more to do it, because I wasn't making enough money to survive. And the work that I do is important. So the most important thing that I learned during my time working with Sam was how to value what I brought to the table. How to present and market the knowledge that I have as an asset to organizations that want to fight institutionalized racism. And how to command the price that I felt my time and my knowledge was worth. And what I realized during that whole process is that I was giving away my time and my energy and my knowledge to people that didn't really value it, or the mission that I stood for. So the most important thing that I took away from it was a shift in my mindset where I would seek out and only work with and only commit to working with people that truly valued me and the work that I felt was most important in my life. So, it's completely changed the way that I operate as a community organizer and the way that I do business as an organizer, the way that I support organizations. And I'm grateful to Sam for helping me to make that shift in my mindset. So would I recommend this program to everybody in my immediate vicinity? Yes, you need to get with this program if you're on the fence about it. It's going to completely change your life. And it's going to help you to bring your talents and your skills out into the world in a way that you never thought possible. And make that dream that you have a reality. Peace.