5 Rating:
  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Business Planning
  • Location: Morden, Surrey, United Kingdom
  • Consulting Accelerator

Austin found the program to be a direct roadmap for accelerating his business growth. During his time in the program, Austin has been able to obtain an extra 4 clients worth $50k in additional earnings. He recommends this program who are looking to find a roadmap and become a leading expert in a given industry.


Hi, it's Austin Green from London. Just wanted to say that really before I came across Sam Ovens' consulting program, I'd been searching for quite a long time to find something that would be like a roadmap for how I could get to where I wanna be in my own consulting business. I've been trading now for quite a few years, having reasonable success but never really hitting across that format that would actually elevate both the amount of clients I had and then return, also, the amount of money I've made. Actually going through the consulting program, as I say, it's just a great roadmap in how to get to where you wanna be and really honing down how you can find what your niche is so that you can really concentrate on that market and become an expert in your field in that. Since going through the program, I've just had so many more inquiries and dealing with clients now. We've got four new clients on board. That's bringing about 50,000 extra into the business right now. It really just feels now as though I've got a clear focus in how to both increase our business and increase our finances, too. I can't recommend Sam Ovens highly enough, and if you feel that you need some help in how to get to where you wanna go, then I thoroughly recommend that program. Thank you.