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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Management Consulting
  • Location: Bongaree, QLD, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

The way Robert found Sam and Consulting Accelerator was a little unusual...both his wife and his son told him about it. They were so excited about the results they were getting it rubbed off on the whole family. He's just starting but we're looking forward to seeing what he accomplishes next!


Hello, my name is Robert from Sydney, Australia. I actually purchased your program Sam after my son and wife showed some interest in it. My wife runs her own consulting business, management consulting business, and has been looking for ways to leverage on her current method of work and current income streams. Still working on bringing that to fruition. She has listened to some of the course. My son actually has worked through the whole program. He's building up a health and fitness and physical training consulting, coaching business. He's still putting it all together. So we basically got two people working through the program. They've stalled in parts, but in the whole they've enjoyed it, and I've enjoyed watching them think about new ways to expand on their current incomes through the topics and the techniques in your program. So we look forward to the next six months of some increased income. I don't have any figures on all that just yet. It's all contingent on them finishing the course, but it's kept their interest. Created some debate in the house, some discussions, a lot of brainstorming, and some focus as well. So thank you.