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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Communication
  • Location: Oregon City, OR, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Elina has yet completed the program but the program is set up for her to complete it at her own pace. From the Facebook group to strategy calls you can really find out what others have done to be successful.


Hi, my name's . I have been using the Consulting Accelerator for the last few months. I love this program because it's at my own pace. I actually haven't completed all of it, but with all of the help that you receive with the live phone calls that you can get with a mentor or also the Facebook groups that you can follow other people in the group and find out what they're doing and their successes. You can always get feedback from everybody. The program itself, again like I had mentioned, it's kind of self directed, self paced, but at the same time when you're having those times that you need help or have some more questions, you can always get a hold of someone either in your group Facebook page or when you do the live calls. I've found that very helpful because sometimes you have questions and you would probably think that they won't really understand what you're saying, but they actually do answer them live. That's just super cool I think. Like I had mentioned, I haven't finished the program all together, but it has helped me build the confidence in knowing that the program, as far as what I want to do with my consulting business, is going to be successful because I have a good direction from Sam's program, the Consulting Accelerator. I can't wait to get started and finish the program and then just always kind of have it to go back and review. I hope you guys find it just as beneficial as I have. You'll do good if you just participate and ask questions. Don't be afraid to ask questions. They'll always be there to help and guide you through the process. Thanks.