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  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Project Management
  • Location: Texas/Houston, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Russell is an oil and gas management consultant. Upon finding Sam's program, he discovered new and improved ways to run and grow his established consulting business. He has now built an attraction model where clients are approaching him and enquiring on a consistent basis. Russell highly recommends others to check out the program.


Hi. My name is Ross McGaffin. I'm in Houston, Texas. I'm an oil and gas project management consultant. I was a consultant before I found Sam Ovens' program. I thought I was a pretty successful consultant and then I found his program and I found out that there are many ways to do thing and Sam Ovens has found probably the best way that I found so far. He's got a completely different way of executing and looking at things that when he explains it, it makes sense, but it's just not conventional to what most people do. Anyway, I'm just getting into it. I'm very excited. I see good things on the horizon. I mean, leads are coming to me. I'm not having to chase anybody down. Leads are coming to me and it's all due to Sam Ovens' program and I can't recommend it highly enough. At least look at it. At least try it. He's got a guarantee and I think once you execute this program, you'll be satisfied.