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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Intellectual Property
  • Location: Los Altos, CA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

David was finding his results hit and miss. By just watching one video about sales he was able to totally flip his sales process and start landing clients.


Hi guys, David , , California. Want to tell you about my experience with Sam Ovens' consulting program because I've already received fantastic results from just applying some of the lessons from just one of the videos. Specifically, the video about having sales discussions with your potential consulting clients. Before Sam's program, I go in, I try to make sure we had something in common, I'd tell them a little bit about my background, different experiences I had, maybe I show them my resume. I've tried to sell them on working with me because it would be fun to work with me and that I'm smart and I can add value to their projects. The results were sort of hit and miss. Maybe if I came referred from somebody they trusted, I'd get the client. Sam takes you through in just one of his videos, my favorite one so far. He takes you through instead of having that discussion, helping the customer really think about where they are right now and what could be better, taking them on this journey from some pain they're experiencing now that's actually costing them real money and where they could be if they got to that other place, how much value it would have for their business. I've already applied this in some discussions with consulting clients and I had fantastic results by helping somebody understand and even verbalize to me what problem is causing in their business and what the world would look like if that problem were solved. I got hired. It's thousands of dollars per month and really thrilled with just even one part of Sam's program provided a huge amount of value to me. I think you should check it out. Thanks.