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  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Customer experience
  • Location: Nairobi, Kenya
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before Consulting Accelerator, Jacqui was running her company offering an array of different products. During the program she found a specific area to focus on to simplify her business and still charge what she is worth. She now is in Uplevel Consulting, building out her program and has landed two new clients with her new model as well. She has already referred others to the program.


Hi, everyone. My name is Jackie Mongi, and I recently joined Consulting Uplevel, but before that, I was in consulting in the Consulting Accelerator Program, which is what I want to talk to you about, what I've gained from being on this program. I think it's one of the best decisions that I made last year. Before joining Consulting Accelerator, I was running a company called , which I'm still running, but we had an array of various products because we offer custom experience consulting, and we had different products from mystery shopping to employee engagement to consulting, retail audits, forecast groups, training, product testing, like all these things. We had all these services, and Consulting Accelerator helps to show me what is a priority for the business, where to focus our energy and make ourselves the best. This has been able to give our clients even more value for what they pay, which has been really great for us. In addition to that, there's the mindset stuff. Not too many people talk about mindset when it comes to business, but it is so critical to your business that you actually wonder why it is not taught as part of business schools, but then again, Sam does say that he's changing the way people are educated. Doing the mindset helped to show me or rather to get me to really plan how I want and design how I want my life to be, which is great, and it has helped me really do keep the main things the main things and be in the right frame of mind to do that, get a clearer mind, be able to do more with my time. Really, I think one of the things that I must mention is the fact that I spend less time, wasted time. I know some of it, when you've been doing it for so long, you don't realize how much time you actually waste, but there's a lot of time that we waste every day. It's really helped me to focus because now, I'm clear on my goals. My mind is clear, and I'm able to see where I've been wasting time, so things ... Even socializing. It's not that socializing is not good. It's just that to what end? If you spend a lot of time hanging out with your friends and less in your business, yeah, guess what's going to suffer. I'm much more focused now. I spend a lot more time and focus on the business. My clients get better results. That's why I also decided to join Uplevel because now, I want to take this globally, and I want to be able to do more for the custom experience industry because I'm going to change how service is delivered. I'm going to set a new standard for that around the world. I've created this program, which is the first version of the program. I'm really excited about it because just today, I managed to sell the program, so I'm actually going to use funds from new customers coming in to pay for Uplevel. That was the plan all along, and the person who I had my strategy session for for Uplevel gave me the idea. He said, "Hey, you could sign up for Uplevel and get clients to pay for it," so I've been really focused on that. I'm happy to celebrate the two clients that I've gotten so far for my program, and I want to also see the results that they get because that will be the testimony to other people. It will also help me refine not just the product for the clients but to be able to change the industry, you have to be the best. Even the best started somewhere, so I'm happy with the progress that I'm making. I really ... This is the best decision you can make for yourself. I've been sharing the refer a friend with a lot of my friends, and a number of them are thinking, "Oh, it's too expensive," or they don't want to take it up, which is surprising because they're suffering right now. I'm like, "You're complaining you're broke or you're not ... You've got all these complaints, and you don't take up this opportunity that's going to do amazing things for you, so hey, it's your choice but if you do decide to do it, it's really the best thing that you can do for yourself." Yeah. With that, I say thank you to Sam and the team, Nick and Jessie and David. You guys have been really supportive in getting me on this road, and I look forward to more to come. Yes, oh, I didn't mention but I am based in Nairobi, Kenya. From Africa, I've been able to see this ... I mean, to be here and to have access to such great content is just ... It's a real blessing and to be able to actually afford it, it's really ... I'm really grateful for that, so I'm grateful for the team and for everything that I'm learning. I'm still learning. I just started Uplevel so I'm still going through it. Yeah, I'm excited about it. Yeah, welcome aboard.