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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Technology
  • Location: Horten, Vestfold, Norway
  • Consulting Accelerator

Arild felt trapped. He had joined several different programs that promised to change his life. But he didn't give up. As soon as he joined the Consulting Accelerator, he knew it was something completely else. Now he knows how to find and sell clients and scale your consulting business.


Hello everyone. I'm from Norway. I just want to give you my feedback about the Sam Ovens consulting community. I joined the program in May 2016, and before I joined I tried several different programs that promised to change my life, and to help me get away from my nine to five job, which I feel really stuck at. I feel like I'm a slave in front of the desk. But those programs haven't helped me much, but I did want to try Sam Ovens program. As soon as I joined, I realized it was something complete , and that this is really something that will help anyone who actually does what Sam Ovens teaches you because he teaches everything from how to create a product, how to get you customers, to how to market it and sell it, and how to change your mindset so you can become a successful person. How to scale your business, and everything you need, step by step. He doesn't exclude anything, and you really can follow over his shoulder on everything he does and how he has become successful. I haven't really put everything into action yet because well, just before I joined the program my wife became pregnant and she became quite ill due to the pregnancy. But now we have two twins, yes. It was also , and got a hard start, but they're improving all three now. Now I'm ready to really start putting everything into action and make a great future for my family, and I know it will succeed because of Sam Ovens' program and it's definitely something I will recommend for anyone. If you don't know what to do, or if you already have a successful business, it's so much value for anyone in this program. It's hard to really put money value on this because it can make you millions.