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  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Technology
  • Location: Kellyville, New South Wales, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

After working with Sam, Paul was able to double his income and grow his consulting business. He has completely transformed his business in all aspects.


Hi I'm Paul, and I'm that tech guy. I run a technical consulting company and I just wanted to share my story with my experience with Sam Ovens' consulting program. I've joined his program, just I think a little over a year ago now, and at the time I wasn't sure whether it was the right decision, or whether my business even needed that sort of kick start. We've got quite a successful business and we have for man years, so I had that bit of indecisiveness whether or not I should even go with the program, and I researched a lot of programs. But I found that Sam's one, there was something that just stood out to me about Sam, how he presents his consulting training and things like that. There was something about it that got over the edge, so I thought I'd give it a go. So anyway I purchased the program and in minutes I got access into the program, and I just found that the quality of the training was just exceptional, and one of the things that really stands out, as our business being a technical business, we see a lot of courses, we see a lot of training modules with various customers that we deal with, but Sam's one really has the edge. And I think what gives Sam's one the edge is that his ability to actually understand how people are made up and how they function and how they operate, and how to get the people to understand things better. He's got a very, very exceptional skill at being able to understand how people think, and I think add that to his training and that's what gives Sam Ovens the edge as far as I'm concerned. So for anyone considering his course, for me it's completely transformed my business. It hasn't just transformed it from a financial point of view, I've grown as a business owner and I've grown as a person. Just the community spirit that we get in Sam's course. We get access into the group. All of that knowledge and information of dealing with other like-minded people, other people that are really trying to get on and achieve in their business. So it isn't just about the financial benefits I've got over the course. It's the personal developments and growth I've got and my business has got from doing his consulting course. So anyone who's considering it I would seriously recommend it as your first choice go-to for the course. Sam's courses are fantastic.