5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Software engineering
  • Location: Houston, TX, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before the course, Bhanu realized that affiliate marketing was being flooded. In order to get into the game, he signed up for the course. He has loved the course so far and credits the training calls, sales script and finding your niche segment to its uniqueness. He is still going through the course and is currently working on optimizing his business.


Hi Sam. This is from Sacramento, California. Even before I ran into Sam's schools, there were many things in the market, especially this affiliated marketing. It's being flooded. But I felt something. I happened to run into one of his online ads and happened to attend his webinar. I think that one section I was pretty much sold off at the confidence and the quality of the whole thing. Then I just signed myself into Sam Ovens and it's been an interesting and wonderful journey with the whole mentoring and the program. Sam Ovens, unlike many programs in the market, it has its unique in its own way and especially the training course and everything, especially the sales . I think they're invaluable assets which are unique to the consulting accelerator program, especially the mentoring calls, which I think we had every other week with Josh and everyone, especially polishing the niche area and especially identifying your own niche area. I think that is unique and it had optimized my own thinking and it opened wider channels of thought process that I was thinking. It's been interesting journey and I highly recommend Sam's program, Sam's consulting accelerator to the people who are, especially in the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey. Also, if they started and they see that their business is not going well, for any kind of situations you are in, I think, especially with the entrepreneurists, you should be in a situation where you can connect the dots, fill in the blanks on where the missing things are. I think Sam's course helps to fill in the blanks and optimize your business model in its own unique way. Thumb's up. Great job, Sam. We look forward to amazing journey with you. Thank you.