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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Software
  • Location: Lexington, SC, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Will was struggling to consistently take action with his business. He had been through a few programs, but highly valued the clarity Sam provides inside the training and the step-step plan. He has been able to start landing paying clients and recommends the program to others who are committed to taking action and following Sam's process.


William Weathrilly from South Carolina. If you're anything like I was, you're probably struggling with whether or not to purchase Sam Oven's consulting courses, so I wanted to offer my story in case that helps you make a decision. Before coming across Sam's programs, trainings, webinars, I had spent tens of thousands of dollars on all number of online money getting programs and had really struggled to take the action consistently that's necessary to accomplish money getting in this fashion. When I first jumped into Sam's program I noticed that one of the things I loved was, first off, it's clear Sam takes great pride in his products and delivering them in a way that is excellent for his customers. It's clear from everything I've seen him do, but not only that, he also provides such a beautiful step by step plan with a foundational mindset that really sets you up to slow down, calm down and take the sure footed steps necessary to build your own consulting practice. Having gone through the program, I have not yet made my millions of dollars, but I will say I have definitely made thousands and paid back the price of the course, which I'm thrilled about. Not only that, I feel like with this course in my arsenal, I have a beautiful setup to really begin building over time the lifestyle and the adventures that I really want to build with my consulting practice. I recommend it, but only if you're willing to take action and you're willing to follow the steps that Sam so beautifully lays out. All the best. Bye.