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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Software
  • Location: Shalimar, FL, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Philip describes life as being tough before joining the program. He has been able to land paying clients with his business. After the program, he has full freedom, can work from home and support his family.


My name is Phil and I'm from Destin, Florida. Before I got into the program, life was pretty tough. When my wife and I graduated from college, we had a lot of student loan debt and it was huge financial burden. When we found work, half of our income went to just paying off student loans and it prevented us from traveling to see family, we couldn't get a house, we even had to give up having a wedding and, probably worst of all, we decided to just put off having a family for now. So I got an email talking about a free consulting webinar given by some guy called Sam Ovens. I didn't know who it was but I was interested in finding out more about being a consultant, so maybe I could use some extra money on the side to pay off our student debt. Being on the program was pretty interesting. I got to learn a lot about sales and stuff like that that I normally wouldn't do. I have a degree in engineering so, for me, sales is something that they just don't teach you in school. Getting my first client was awesome. It was a validation of my skills and I felt glad that someone was willing to trust me to be able to do some work for them and then that first paycheck was just amazing joy because I knew that there was nothing I couldn't do at that point, that I could continue being a consultant if I wanted to. Because of this program I am no longer tied down to anybody. I essentially have full freedom and I can work from home and work whenever I want to and be able to support my family and some day I'm going to have that wedding.