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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Software Development
  • Location: Oxnard, CA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

John has used Consulting Accelerator to take his skills with software to teach others and build a business. He believes that if others put in the work going through the program, they too can learn how to become a successful consultant.


Hi. John Handy from California here. Sam's Consulting Accelerator has shown me how to build a consulting service. I've been developing software for many years as an employee. Now I know I can use my parallel programming skills to offer a consulting service. My service transforms slow software into speedy software. I use cutting edge parallel programming to spread the processing over several cores. This makes for faster software, or software that can work on bigger problems. My service focuses on my specialized understanding of parallel programming. Clients will send me their working software, I will transform it into parallel software. Unfortunately, I have not yet completed Sam's Consulting Accelerator Program, so I'm still learning how to create my service, and it is not yet launched. Sam's Consulting program has shown me that this is possible. This program is fun, and is motivating me to pursue independent consulting. I recommend Sam's consulting training for people that are willing to do the work. It takes diligence to complete the program and do the work. Make sure you devote most of your energy to this program. If you focus on this program, and do the work, I believe it can help you become a successful consultant. Bye for now.