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5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Software Developers
  • Location: Georgia, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before starting the program, Kenton had a lot of questions how to start his business. He found the Consulting Accelerator allowed him a system to develop and grow his business. He knows now it is only a matter of generating and closing appointments to grow. He absolutely recommends the program to those looking to start a consulting business.


Hey guys, my name is Kenton Newby from Atlanta, Georgia. I just wanted to put together a quick video testimonial for Sam Oven's consulting course. Let me walk you through my experience going through this course. Now, before starting, I really didn't know how to go about getting into this business at all. A lot of the common questions that people have are questions that I had too. Where to start, how to pick a market, how to generate those leads, and how to close those sales. Going through this course really shed light on pretty much all of those things and a lot more, especially a lot of great content on marketing, in particular Facebook marketing. Going through the course, it gave me some really easy to follow steps that allowed me to, by the end, have a system in place that I could use to grow that business. Now I'm sitting here with this business, I've got the systems all in place, and really it's just a matter of lining up those strategy sessions and closing those clients. It makes it really easy to just kind of lather, rinse, repeat, and continue to grow that business. Would I recommend this to other folks? Absolutely. Most people that are looking to probably start a consulting business have a lot of the same questions that I did, and a lot of the other folks did, and I think this would be a good way for you to quickly get past those hurdles and get moving towards building your own consulting business. That's my two cents, highly, highly suggest it. Thanks for watching.