5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: IT Marketing
  • Location: Indianapolis, IN, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Ryan was looking for ways to scale his business and help leverage his time in a more automated way which could help scale his business. He has jumped into the program and is working his way through learning tons of information to help himself in entrepreneurship. He is excited for the future!


Hi. This Ryan Fincham from Indianapolis, Indiana. I joined the consulting program with Sam Evans to learn more about what it was to be a consultant. I've been an IT consultant, or so I thought an IT consultant, for several years. It was just kind of me break fix work that I did from time to time, then it grew without doing any advertising, just word of mouth. I did a good job, but it was my business stopped when I stopped working. It's done very well and I still do it to this day, but a lot of it is dependent on me doing the work. I don't have any employees. It's just me. The thing that appealed to me about Sam Evans' program was that he could help me automate that and make it, scale it so that I could still work pretty leanly in terms of employees but increase my revenue substantially. Going through the program has been pretty enlightening. It's a whole new world, quite frankly, and the information that he provides, especially during the mindset training, which he talks, a lot of people talk about, has been very good. It's been quite a blessing just learning more about the internal struggle that most entrepreneurs go through when they are growing and learning and becoming something, and just realizing what they have to go through. That's about where I'm at now, just going through the program. I look forward to the future ahead and the things that'll happen as a result. I appreciate Sam Evans for sharing his lifelong knowledge.