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3 Rating:
  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Security
  • Location: Hoyt Lakes, MN, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Adam joined the program looking to make more money and gain the skills to work on his own and quit his job. As he has gone through Accelerator, he has been able to land a client with his business and is consistently getting feedback and learning. He recommends those that take the program take action. no matter the size.


Hi I'm Adam Hancock here from Minnesota just giving a quick testimonial about Sam Ovens' courses on the consulting program he has. I jumped into it wanting to learn how to best help my own business, my own company be able to take off and go somewhere, so I can leave my regular full time job but that hasn't happened at this point yet. I was attracted into it to make some more money also in a new kind of business helping other companies create a bigger and better online presence. Now that I've been doing something similar like this for a little bit now, I have one client that I've kind of had a break even point on that what I've made with him, so it's been one of those learning curves for me. I'm still in the learning curve process because I haven't been able to do all as much action as I would like. In the program I guess one of the things that I would say if I recommend this is the course is, you have to be willing to do as with anything action. Take it step by step, don't skip any steps because then you're messing up your future steps if you skip one. Even if it seems really small or even silly to do, just do it and go all the way through. It will help you do the program better, so that's my advice and good luck. Thanks.