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  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Technology
  • Location: Arvada, CO, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Glenn was looking for a consistent sent of clients and a predictable set of income. He has been able to land an offer to be the vice president of marketing at a firm and he has created a lead generation machine.


Hi, my name is Glenn Booth and I'm from Denver, Colorado. Before I found the Sam Ovens consulting course, I was an independent consultant for about five years. I found my clients through networking, leads, groups and referrals. What I found was I did not have a consistent set of clients, nor did I have a predictable source of income. Somehow Sam found me, or I found him. I bought the course and I guess I had some challenges at first. I jumped around quite a bit. I didn't watch all the videos in their entirety. And I guess I thought I knew it all already. I decided to start over again from square one, go through the whole course sequentially, video by video, making sure I did all the steps and that I learned the material properly. At the end, I was very surprised. What I had built was a lead generation machine. This is such a wonderful course. I had attracted many clients. In fact, one of my clients had just made me an offer to be their VP of Marketing, based on the experience I had with him previously as a consultant. I will eventually get back to freelance consulting but I just want to say I highly recommend this course to anyone who's thinking about starting a consulting company or somebody like me, who had been doing consulting for a while, but just wasn't achieving the results that they wanted to. So thank you, Sam, and good luck to you.