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Meet Elis. Coming in he was highly skeptical that he had knowledge inside himself that was valuable enough to consult others on. But after getting into the program his mindset has completely shifted...


Hi. My name is and I live in Silicon Valley, California. I would like to share with you how I started my own consulting business after joining Sam Ovens Consulting Kick Starter Program. Before I joined the program, I did not think that it was possible for someone like me who did not have that much prior experience or knowledge or expertise in any given area to start offering services to clients and be paid for it, to do this for a business. After joining the program, I saw that there were many others just like me with not much prior experience who had started and were starting their own business and offering services to clients services that they had formulated by leveraging what they had already known. What little knowledge they had, they made it as a service. Sam Ovens in the program, everything he lays out and talks about from A to Z the process of how I could utilize what I know to start my own business and therefore I was inspired and I decided to partner with a digital marketing agency company with headquarters in Europe and offices worldwide. Then open their office here in California. Then I followed all the steps, all the processes that Sam Ovens lays out in the program from A to Z to start and grow the business here and it's truly amazing. Especially helpful it has been for me, the mastermind closed group community who are very supportive and always answering questions. I highly recommend you to join the program yourself and see the value. Definitely, it will be helpful for you to start your own business and also implement the mindset of someone successful. I highly encourage you. Try it out for yourself. Thank you.