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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: IT Consulting
  • Location: New Jersey, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

"Alex has taken the information inside Consulting Accelerator to adjust his business and charge higher-ticket prices for his client. His business has seen a major impact and he is confident he is well on his way to the ""good life."" "


Hey everybody, this is Alex Patty. I joined Sam's program a short while ago, and I am absolutely astonished with the progress that I've made with not even being able to have to gone to finish the course itself. I basically took some of the lessons learned, built into the program itself, and adjusted my consulting business. Just in the first four lessons, I was able to actually take an existing client that I was only billing about $1,200 a month for and this is no joke, I'm actually billing over $13,000 a month for that same client with just changing my strategy, valuing my work, and just using the strategies that Sam put forth in his program. I'm looking forward to finishing out the program. I'm actually, the only reason why I haven't finished the program is because I've adjusted this so much, it made such a big impact, that all of my other clients are asking for other things. I've used some of the basic principles within the application, like partnering with other businesses that do things that I don't do, and doing cross-selling made a huge impact on the volume of business that I'm actually engaging in right now. I'm well on my way to the good life. It's definitely a great program, and I would strongly, strongly recommend this to anybody that is looking to make changes in their existing businesses or in other businesses that they're trying to start. Feel free to reach out to me. Thank you, Sam, for helping me on my path to the good life for myself and my family. Thanks a lot.