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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Information Technology
  • Location: Danville, CA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Oliver joined Consulting Accelerator feeling a bit confused with different internet business methods. He found the program to be extremely helpful and would definitely recommend the course for people trying to learn how to navigate around the internet.


Hi my name is Oliver from San Francisco Bay Area. I originally invested in Sam's course because I was at a point where I was just beginning to understand the components to run an internet business learning a bit about Facebook, Facebook marketing, little bit about internet marketing, little bit about the tools that were needed and at that point it was still quite confusing and a lot of things that didn't quite make sense. When I ran into Sam's course, I thought perfect to follow somebody who is anybody building a campaign, has successfully enrolled me into a course and I thought it's going to be best learned from people that are actually doing it. I'm always willing to invest in people that have taken the time to put together a course, taken their experience and ultimately saved me a whole lot of time, pain, and agony to learn the same thing and start from scratch. That's been really good. I'm in the middle of the program still. Looking forward to getting through it. It's helping me see a lot of the components in a more logical manner and putting it together properly and the course also came well referred by people I know and trust. That was very important to me as well and I would definitely recommend the course to people that are trying to understand how to navigate around the internet, how to put some of these skills to use and to build a successful business on. Thank you.