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  • Niche: Tech - Automation
  • Location: Tracy, CA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

"Don joined Consulting Accelerator and found it well worth the investment. He describes it as ""invaluable"" and definitely recommends others join the program because of its value. "


Hey, guys. Don McNealy here from Tracy, California. Just wanted to take a second to talk about Sam Ovens consulting program. Boy, I got to tell you, when I looked at this I was very skeptical. I wasn't sure if this was something I could do. Wasn't sure it was something I wanted to spend the money on. Certainly isn't something that I was recommended by anyone. I kind of stumbled onto it. Sam does a great job marketing. And so, through his tools and through the links I followed through I didn't give up. I decided I was going to check it out. I decided I was going to give it a fair shake. Did some research, found out what other people thought. I thought okay, I'm going to go ahead and give this a shot. So I went through it, I went through it, pulled the trigger and I got to tell you I'm happy I did. Every time I go through the study I learn something different and it's very educational, very reminding of what could be. Very uplifting, very positive. So I'm appreciative for all of that. Definitely worth the money if you guys think about what it would cost to go to college or what it would be like to sit one-on-one with an instructor like this for the amount of time Sam's put into it. It's invaluable. There's no way you could possibly get your money back. So, this is definitely worth it. You wouldn't want you money back. I don't want my money back, so I got to tell you guys, this is definitely something you guys should see, something you should try. If you're just trying it for the first time, give it a shot. You almost can't lose. He makes such guarantees and this is just such a valuable program that you'll definitely spin something out of this and definitely be more successful in the future. Hope you guys enjoyed my video. Thanks for listening and hope to see you soon on the streets. Thanks, guys.