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  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Software Developers
  • Location: Brampton, Ontario, Canada
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before working with Sam, Joseph had little knowledge about Consulting and didn't think it applied to him. He joined the program and started believing in his abilities as a consultant, learning a lot of key things in the program. After the program, he now has his own consulting business and is acquiring clients.


Hello. My name is Joseph and I am from Toronto, Ontario. That's in Canada. I just want to talk about my experience with Sam Ovens' course. Now before I met Sam Ovens and I saw his program, I had no clue what consulting was really all about. I thought it was only the upper echelons who can actually be consultants. I thought that it is only people with Harvard degrees and stuff like that who could really have the authority to make people pay a large sum of money for their services. Sam, he really, really helped and just destroyed that belief in me and he said that anyone can do it. He use his own story. Before I had no idea about how even digital marketing and stuff like that and doing my whole process, I learned a lot of important, important, key things and I've looked around after taking some of Sam's stuff and they don't have what Sam's stuff has. His system is so amazing and once you get it and you start getting clients, you'll be surprised at how easy and automated everything is. After learning about Sam, you know ... I have my own consulting business now and I'm acquiring clients, I'm getting clients, and I just want to say thank you Sam for all the things that you have really taught me and stuff like that and also not only that but automating everything, making it so systemized and so easy for me. I just want to say thank you and have a nice day. Bye.