5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Surveillance
  • Location: Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before the Consulting Accelerator, Rawinia was a stay at home mother. She has learned a ton of new skills with the program and is very confident that she will be getting results. She has teamed up with her sister and are both ready to put the pedal to the medal.


Hi there. I'm Snowden from Auckland, New Zealand. Before the Sam Ovens Consulting program I was a stay-at-home mother and before that working at one of the banks. Since joining his consulting program, I have learnt immense knowledge and learnings that I can start applying in terms of the niche for my market, you know, my niche for the market. My sister and I have both put our heads together in this and are really starting to make some ground way. We ... I, we, are very positive about the results that we can get because we have seen and read first-hand the success stories of other people, including Sam himself. So, yeah, we're very excited. We understand that a lot of hard work is involved, but we're ready for it. We have always known that this has been our destiny, so we feel that Sam Ovens has given us the tools to now make that a success. I have already recommended this program to my cousin and she has already purchased the consulting program and is currently being coached by Sam Ovens as well. And between her and I, the three of us, we are always sharing ideas, bouncing ideas off each other and just helping each other through. So it's exciting. I'm excited. We're all excited and now it's just about seeing the results. So thank-you.