5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Information Technology
  • Location: Brampton, Ontario, Canada
  • Consulting Accelerator

Ruby was feeling confused not knowing how to share and market his skills. He immediately recognized the applicability of the program and he has already began recommending the program to others.


Hi Sam. Ruby Graywall here from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and this is my Consulting Accelerator testimonial. Life before the Consulting Accelerator was confusing. I had a skill. I knew I had a skill that I could share with others, but I really had absolutely no idea how to share that skill. I had no idea how to market it, and then someone showed me the Consulting Accelerator by Sam Ovens, and I was immediately captivated. I bought the course and then as I went through it, I immediately recognized how applicable it was. It broke everything down from A to zed. It showed me how to put an offer together. It showed me how to take that offer to market and how to conduct meetings. It also reminded me that mindset is what we need to focus on. Life after the Accelerator is hopeful. I put together my high value ticketed offer. That's taken me quite a while because I wanted to put together something I was very proud of, and I'm hopeful that in six months I can transition away from my full-time job to becoming a full-time consultant. I'm very grateful for this course, Sam. Would I recommend it to others? Absolutely. I already have. I've recommended to many people. Anyone that's looking to become a consultant, I say, "Hey, there's something that you got to check out." Why? Because it is, as I mentioned, it's applicable. It comes from someone that's done it and is willing to share their success with others, and I'm grateful for that Sam. Thank you.