5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Technology Ventures
  • Location: Doncaster, Victoria, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Bohdan is still working through Consulting Accelerator and has found the program really great. He recommends the program to others and likes learning how to create value for others.


Hi there guys. This is Bodan from Melbourne, Australia. I want to say a few words about Sam's consulting program, which I think is fabulous. Currently what I do is, I'm pretty much into start-ups and technology ventures and my interest in consulting isn't really to have a primary income, it really is for three different purposes. It keeps me on my toes professionally because it's good to try to offer advice in something that you think you know but with the sort of the challenge response you get from clients, it helps you to all steps whether you do know things well enough so as to advise them, so it's great professionally. It's a good skill to have in terms of mental agility. The income side, it's useful, helpful and it's a good gauge of how well you're doing. It's not my primary motivation but it's a good KPI to have in mind. What Sam does is he really tries to align what you want to be doing personally and professionally with how to deliver a great consulting product. I haven't finished the program with him but so far what I've done seems really great and useful. He'll help to clarify what you really want out of the program and to get you to a place where you're creating value for others and for yourselves. I really highly recommend Sam's program. Thanks guys.