5 Rating:
  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Software
  • Location: Provo, UT, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Since learning from Sam, Seth's whole sale's process has changed and mindset shifted. He has been able to successfully get his business off the ground and has been very happy with his return on investment.


Hey, it's Seth out of Provo, Utah. So prior to doing the course, I'd actually been a part of a couple of failed start-ups. I couldn't exactly figure out why they weren't working. We'd done all the market research. We'd done the testing. We had a good product. But we just couldn't sell it, couldn't make money. When I started going through Sam's course, what really stuck out to me was the seven figure sales script. I was just interested to hear "Okay, what's this guy's philosophy on sales?" As I started going through it, my mind was just blown. I realized I was a pretty awful salesman. Obviously, I've gotten a lot better now using the philosophies and the tactics that Sam teaches. That really transformed how I look at business deals, how I approach sales. How I approach just business in general really shifted because of that. It gave me a lot of confidence in doing sales and in closing clients. That's been really transformational for me, even though I know that's a pretty cliché word, but it really has been. Honestly, the only reason I signed up for the course was because he had this guarantee that if I didn't get a client within a certain time frame that he'd give me my money back. I was thinking "Well, Okay, it can't hurt." Within a few weeks of doing the course, I actually signed like ... I made my money back five or ten times over within a few weeks. It's really awesome. Now, I'm running a successful consulting business and it's been really great. If you want to check him out, please do. There's so much to this course. It's not just about marketing or being a consultant. It's business principles and teaching you how to build an actual business. The principles can be used in almost anything. Obviously, Sam hangs his hat on consulting. He's the man in that area. But really, this could be used for anything and it's been really incredible. So thanks, Sam.