5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Hospitality
  • Location: Port Richey, FL, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

"Before starting the course, Joseph was a generalist with his business and has learned to play at a more ""professional"" level as he puts it. He has been able to make the necessary shifts in his business to start landing high-value clients. "


Hello everyone. My name is Joseph , and if you are watching this video, you're on the verge of making the absolute best decision in your entire life. I'm here in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida just recording a quick testimonial to talk about how awesome Sam Ovens' Consulting Accelerator course is. I've been in the community for just over a month now, and I was a little bit of an overachiever. I actually blew through the course. Let me tell you, before I started, I had a business. I was definitely not doing as well as I wanted to be. I was doing content marketing, copywriting, and some SEO, search engine optimization, support. Sam Ovens' program really helped me realize that my general approach to marketing was just child's play. I was playing at an amateur level when I should have been at a professional level. Going through the course, the materials were organized in a phenomenal fashion, very easy to sort through, very easy to understand. He really holds your hand through the entire process, so there is no way you're going to be confused once you go through. The best part is, the support community is there along the way. You have a question, a lot of the times it will be answered in five, ten minutes. They have weakly Q and A calls to help you out. The community alone is worth the investment you'll make in this course. Since I've gone through the program, I've already transformed the entire way I get lead for my business. I've been able to get more strategy calls than I ever would have thought possible, and it's really made me a better sales person. If you're looking to get ahead, I recommend this course 100%. I'd say there is nothing out there better. Trust me. I have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on similar courses. This is number one.