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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Digital Marketing for small Leisure & Tourism companies
  • Location: Geneva, Switzerland
  • Consulting Accelerator

Aleks joined Consulting Accelerator after he was running a family business and was looking to start a new venture after moving locations. He is just finishing up the program now, and has found the content and consulting community group helpful who getting him focused and confident to move forward with his new business.


Hello my name is Alex and I come from Madrid, Spain, and I live in Geneva. Before I started I used to run a family business in Central America, but because of our family situation where my girlfriend got relocated, and also our family expanded, we had to change location, and actually move back to Europe. That meant that I had to start from scratch again, and yeah, also it was either getting a nine to five job, or start a business. Again, nine to five job was not my first option, and starting a business was a big challenge. I'm currently at week six, and I must say that I've gone through every model. It was super interesting, I've learned a lot, and the Facebook community is also very interesting. I learned a lot from everybody else. After completing the six models I must say that I'm much more complete and much more focused, much more confident, and much more knowledgeable, and also have improved my skills after practicing strategy sessions with other people in the community group. I recommend this course to everybody else. I think it's a great course, and I can't recommend this enough. If you have the opportunity, sign up for this course. It's gonna change your life. Bye.