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4 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Restaurants
  • Location: SYDNEY, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before starting the program, Jamie was working a 9-5 and was unsure of what he wanted to do. He joined Consulting Accelerator and he started learning how to expand his possibilities. He is really excited for his future and recommends it to others who have something to offer to the world.


Hi. My name is Jamie, and I'm from Australia. I'm going to talk to you about Sam Ovens' consulting program. Before I started the program, I was working a nine to five job. I wasn't sure what else was out there, what I really wanted to do. I found this program, and I was like, "This program seems really good". I really wanted to give it a shot, and see if this could offer me something else, more than my nine to five job. During his program, despite working a nine to five job, I found that I could fit learning this within the timeframe with the step by step program. It's really simple. Quick videos. You have to watch maybe one video a day, and you can learn something about it. He really talks about, he drills in, the really good stuff is about finding your niche. His script for seven figure sales and his techniques in getting these sales, it's really good. But what I really found valuable in his lessons was his millionaire mindset talk, where it talks about daily affirmations. You believed your goals and identities. This is what really stuck for me. I have set out a list of things that I read to myself every morning. Get that right mindset, and how I can get out of my nine to five job, and really live the life that I want to live. Right now, after going through the program and seeing what's there, now I'm going to start my own business. I'm really looking forward for what's ahead in the future. I'm really excited for that. I'd recommend this program for anyone who has something they want to offer to the world, and that they want to be paid for it. Thanks friends, thank-you.