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  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Restaurants
  • Location: Los Angeles, CA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Christian has used the Consulting Accelerator to double his income, and now is consulting in two different areas where he is very passionate. He now plans on tripling his previous income from his job.


Hello, my name is Chris Gertz-Rambaugh, and I'm coming to you from Las Angeles, California. I wanted to give a shout out to Sam Oven's Consulting program. It's truly been a life changer for me. I joined about five and a half months ago. Before that, I was in a 9-5 job, stuck in a cubicle. It was fine, but I really missed traveling, 'cause I used to travel a lot. I missed being outdoors and I wanted for the longest time to start my own business. So, I decided to take that leap of faith and join the program. It's been an absolute life changer for me. I'm consulting in two industries that I'm wildly passionate about, music and food. Last month, I actually doubled my income from what I was making before I started, which was awesome and that was a goal of mine. So, I did the program for about two months, and then it's taken me about three moths to get to that point, but I have a handful of clients now, and it's been awesome, it's been a lot of fun working with them. Now, it's just rolling. Hopefully, I'll be able to triple what I used to make, probably within the next month and a half to two months, and just keep going from there. Things like the sales script in Sam Oven's program really helped me get to this point. Being able to jump on the call and really navigate through the call effectively, and really be able to sell the services that I offer, has been extremely helpful for me. Also, since the program, I managed to start traveling a lot more. Last week, literally last week, I was in Zurich and Paris, Milan and London. I've also managed to move into a new apartment in downtown Las Angeles with my wife. So, it's really been a life changer, for me. I highly recommend it, if you're considering doing this program. Thank you, Sam, for putting together the program and this awesome community of consultants. It's really been a life changer, so thank you.