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  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: travel & Hospitality
  • Location: Dar Es Salaam, Kinondoni, Tanzania
  • Consulting Accelerator

Member joined the course to plan his business process and gain a steady income. ??The Facebook community is very helpful to him and he the course has been an eye opener and a gold mine


Hi there. Geta here, all the way from Africa, Tanzania. Pleasure being in here. Learned a lot. Apparently joining Sam's course has been very, very helpful for me as an entrepreneur. Three years back down the line since I quit my job, everything was just very messy. No predictable income. Everything was just messed up. But since I joined Sam's course, I've been able to learn a lot of things in planning my business process in a very right and profitable manner. Apparently, there is the Facebook community on the course that's very helpful with regards to anything and knowledge base that you want to inquire and get. It has been very helpful for me and my team apparently in my agency that we are boosting ourselves in pitches every day. This course, I can say it's a gold mine to us. It's something, everything that we ever wanted. Since I saw the video in the sales funnel, the video sales later that I seen from Sam, apparently I knew what this guy was talking about. So I decided to join the course and learn everything from the course as much as I can. Everything that he was telling me to do, I did it. So I can see the results and what he was telling me was apparently right. Big up to Sam and the team, this course is an eye opener to all of the entrepreneurs out there, so it's a call out for everyone out there that wants to join Sam's course, no doubt, you will get results. Thanks. And all the best.