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5 Rating:
  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Tourism
  • Location: Cambridge, New Zealand
  • Consulting Accelerator

Nick was looking to find the best and model after them. He joined Consulting Accelerator and the program blew away his expectations. He has been able to start landing clients with his consulting business. He believes Sam's course will be helpful if you are a coach/consultant who is looking to get more clients.


Hey, Mick here, from New Zeeland, currently working and surfing in Mexico, as you can see by the roof of this apartment. I decided that I should only be taking advice from people that have done what I want to do or are where I want to be. Basically finding the best and modeling them. I approached Sam because I found out about his story, and it really resonated with me. I approached him hoping that he would be able to give me some advice or mentor me, and turns out he actually had a training course due to the demand for his knowledge. It was a full-blown training course that far exceeded my expectations, and helped to propel me forward. Sam has taught me a lot about business and life. If you want to learn how to get new clients for your business, his methods work. I was able to get my first client by working for free and then use this experience to get my first paying client. One awesome thing that Sam taught was designing your dream lifestyle. I really went to depth here and wrote down, sort of detail, what did I want to do in life. While financially I'm far from where I'd like to be, other areas in my life have been awesome. One of the things was, I wanted to buy a yacht, live on it, and sail around New Zealand for a few months, with my girlfriend. Through visualizing this, about six months ago it became reality — and we had an awesome three months sailing. Another thing is that I love surfing, but I don't like winter. I dreamt about surfing on warm water in another country, and sure enough, this is now reality. I'm living in Mexico, and working and surfing here. It's great. So, yeah, entrepreneurship, it's a high grind at the beginning. You have to do the work. You have so many setbacks, it requires thick skin or probably rather, I should say it requires a strong mind. I find the biggest battle's with myself, and I'm only just getting started. Sam has played a massive role in helping me achieve my goals and if you got a deep and burning desire to be an entrepreneur, or you're a coach or consultant that needs more clients, Sam's course would be very helpful.