5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: resturants
  • Location: Philadelphia, PA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Beance went through Consulting Accelerator and found herself getting stuck. After discussing with Sam's team what her best next steps would be, she has been able to refocus and is confident that she has improved her mindset and will have a profitable consulting business in the next 2 weeks.


My name is and I am from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Before I started Sam Ovens' course, I graduated from college and I was juggling a few jobs in order to travel as much as I could before settling into a career. After working long hours, my job became a strain on different areas of my life, so I quit and I wanted to start my own consulting business. A few days into the process, I ran across Sam Ovens' video about the most common mistakes consultants make, and I went onto his website to learn more information, and I signed up that night and started the course the next morning. In the later weeks of the program, I started to procrastinate, so I reached out to help from Sam's team and they suggested I rewatch the Millionaire Mindset video. I watched the video over and over until I fully understood it, and I took time off to really start experimenting with changing my and increasing my awareness of how my inner world influences my outer world and vice versa. Now coming back to the 2.0 version, I'm more than excited to start because I know that the information that they will provide in this version, along with amazing information that was already given in 1.0 version, will more than be enough to help me manifest the reality that I want to live.